Feb 1996 - Present

Sima Jo is an American figure painter, currently residing in Thousand Oaks, CA. After receiving a bachelors degree in the arts from Laguna College of Art and Design (2019), her focus has been the creating and exhibiting of impressionistic oil paintings. Painting from the subconscious, Sima Jo makes these pieces with little to no photo reference- in desire to explore self and show what is to be found when there no deliberate control over the subject matter. Her work can be found in private collections all over the country. 

​​​​​​​Much of her current work plays with the idea of how fluid our energy can be within our environment and among each other. Painting an emotional state in physical form, she explores the visual realm with intent to show others just how easily we fluctuate and morph into our surroundings. Her inspiration to paint lies within self expression and what is to be expressed in the viewing and listening of others.

Paintings available at Coda Studio
30745 CA-1, Malibu, CA 90265
Phone (310)457-8668
Beverly Hills 50th Annual Art Show. May 20 & 21.
10am - 6pm. 9455 N Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Articles of Clothing. Group Show. She/They Gallery. Santa Ana, CA
Porcelain. Solo Exhibition at Topa. Ventura, CA
Learning Cursive. Group Show. South Arts District Studios, CA
A Wall Waiting for a Piece. My Art Is Real. Online Exibition
Five Threads Group Show. Westlake Village, CA
Labyrinth of Language. WERKARTS at The Olympic DTLA, CA
Five07 Creative Festival. King Gillette Ranch Calabasas, CA
BFA Fine Arts Exhibition. LCAD Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
Lightning In A Bottle Art Clave Gallery. Kern County, CA
The Envision Gallery. Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica
Of Machines & Men. Salt Fine Art, Laguna Beach CA
Lightning in a Bottle Live Painting & Exhibition, Bradley CA
The Grove on Forest Solo Exhibition, Laguna Beach CA
LCAD Student Juried Show, Laguna Beach CA
Artit Arts and Humanities Website
Art Leove Online Gallery
Capsules Book Portfolio, Curatorial Volume ii
2019 .
Create! Magazine Miami 2019 Edition
Pikchur Magazine Issue VI
2018 “Childish Force of Nature” by Laurence Fuller
“La’s Most Inspirational Stories” Voyage LA
2016- 2019
Laguna College of Art and Design. Laguna Beach, CA

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